DIU Hostel Booking System


Welcome to Younus Khan Scholars’ Garden & Female Hall. We believe University education experience is incomplete without a comprehensive residential Hall life. We have separate Hall facilities with international standard and amenities for both Boys’ & Girls’ at Permanent campus, Ashulia model Town, Savar, Dhaka run by separate hall Administration under the close supervision of the Top management of DIU . Boys’ hall is named Younus Khan scholars’ Garden followed by the name of the Late Father of The Honorable Chairman (BoT), DIU  Dr. Md. Sabur Khan while Female hall name is under processing.

Dr. A.B.M. Kamal Pasha (D.Sc.) is the present and 1st ever provost of Hall Administration of DIU is leading a specialized team with visionary skill to make Hall life significantly colorful.

Hall life involves Art of living for quality residential life along with extracurricular activities and Athletics to name a few. We aim to help students to become well rounded in their education and their life in holistic approach. 

It’s the concept that the human being is multi-dimensional. We have conscious- unconscious, rational-irrational aspects. We are a body mind not just intellect but emotion, instinct, intuition as well and support students in using all of their multiple intelligence in some harmonious sequence of events to develop their “uncommon sense”, who acknowledges and honors their own complexity and start to believe that we all co-create our world and takes responsibility for their own part in that process.

We understand that students come from great distances and diverse perspectives. With this thought in mind we conduct various active and passive programs to construct a close knit community.

You will never feel homesickness here and welcome again