DIU Hostel Booking System

Hall Admission

Eligibility of Admission:

  1. Regular Students of Permanent Campus, DIU.
  2. Minimum SGP: 2.00 in case of Readmission/existing students
  3. No Accusation/ Conviction from University or Government.

Hall Fees:

  1. Monthly Hall Rent fee will be BDT-2000/- per month. Every students will have to pay their Hall rent fee semester wise BDT-8000/- at a time before the registration of the semester, otherwise registration clearances will not be provided.
  2. Additional BDT-3000/- will have to paid along with regular fees in case of new applicants for Hall admission purpose.
  3. Refund of Hall fee is allowed only in the case of cancellation of admission from DIU.If the cancellation is made before start of class, BDT-3000/- as processing charges will be deducted. After start of there will be no refund.
  4. Decision in allotment procedure is pact and final.
  5. DIU reserves its right to increase the hall fee; if necessary.
Payment Procedure:
  1. You can deposit money Accounts section, PC
  2. B-Kash:
    1. Dial *247#
    2. Choose option 03- Payment
    3. Enter the merchant Bkash Account number you want to pay- 01811458885
    4. Enter the amount 11132/- ( 1.2% charge included)
    5. Enter a reference( Input your DIU ID no without –( High fen))
    6. Enter the counter number: 02
    7. Enter Menu PIN to complete
  3. After above procedures collect transaction no & Sender mobile number for form fill up and further use.